by Kellie Granier

The Cold Wait

Published Date : 2012

Available in



: English
: 978-1-62327-349-1


The Cold Wait is a Gay Erotica short story – M/M. This erotica short story contains explicit content, erotic situations, graphic language and is suitable for readers 18 and over.

The winter of 1863 was brutal; the cold winds and long nights seemed to last forever. This was especially true for Ryan’s regiment in Pennsylvania. The winds blew mercilessly for hours on end. There’s no fighting, only long frozen days and even longer nights. It’s hard to fight a war when all you can do is to fight to stay warm. The men do what they can to keep their sanity and to stay alive. They have to rely on each other and on creative ways to stay alive and warm.  Ryan finds himself turning to fellow soldier Marsters to keep his bed warm and his body comforted. As much as he tries to stay away, there is something about Marsters that he can’t resist. They have to keep it a secret from everyone but each other.  Their secret for survival is too much for either of them to walk away from.


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Customer Reviews


Some of the best short erotica around.

- Jen

All around good reads. Raunchy and sexy.

- Michelle

Hot and spicy plots just as I like them.

- Rob

Pre-read a few of the series and these are not to be missed!

- Stacy

Steaming collections and shorts that leave you wanting more.

- Jacie